Pottery & Ceramics
  CAC Amman is equipped with state of the art Pottery and ceramic equipment where it has 3 professional Kilns a clay pug mill, slab roller and throwing wheels. Not to mention the enormous amount of tools and equipment that is going to be provided to assist our students in their creative process
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    Hand building
    Coil building Slab building Clay Sculptures
  2. Wheel Throwing
    Wheel Throwing
    Throwing Courses: Whether you are an emerging potter, a keen amateur, a professional or a complete beginner, a throwing course at CAC Amman is a unique and satisfying experience. Learn techniques, explore new approaches, or just utilize our dedicated time and space to develop your own artwork and practice
  3. Tile Decoration
    Tile Decoration
    From basic mug or Tile decoration, to complicated patterns. In this workshop participants will develop skills in Underglaze decoration, on glaze techniques and much more
  4. Glazing and Formulas
    Glazing and Formulas
    learn the secret of glaze formulas
  5. Raku
    Master the art of Raku firing, Clay making and Glazing
  6. Wheel throwing
    Wheel throwing
  7. wheel throwing
    wheel throwing
It is Never too late
CAC Amman has a group of well known and talented artists that use the space for their creative production and to learn new things through dedicated workshops and art classes