1 month pay upfront
Pay upfront 
JD 130 (not eligible for the early-bird deal)
3 month commitment
Pay monthly contract
JD 115 a month
6 month commitment
   CAC Amman ​​Pottery Gym Membership
Pay monthly contract
JD 110  a month

 As we in Jordan lack professional creative art spaces where emerging and experienced artists could find their needs and  equipment including resources and material.

CAC Amman decided to  provide specialized workspaces that are available for the use of members in return for a running cost fee to assure continuous maintenance and the introduction of new equipment.

What does membership include?​ 

Membership includes up to 4 hours a week open studio**, use of equipment, tools, and your own storage shelf (45cmx45cmx90cm). The only additional thing you have to buy is clay, glazes and pay for firing which we provide in competitive prices.
1 month pay upfront:
JD 130 (not eligible for the early-bird deal)
3 month pay upfront: 
JD 345 (equivalent to JD 115 a month)
6 month pay upfront:
JD 660 (equivalent to JD 110 a month)

Early Bird Deal

The first 2 people to sign up will get an extra month's studio use for free.
The 3rd & 4th  person to sign up will get three weeks studio use for free. 
The 5th & 6th person to sign up will get two weeks studio use free.
The 8th & 9th person to sign up will get one week studio use for free.
The first 20 people to sign up will also get a specially designed CAC Apron. 

Please note, to ensure we can offer the best possible service we will only be taking 20 members in total when we open in April. 

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