IB Summer Camp

    Pre-and mid IBDP students     

CAC Amman is offering an inspiring and hands on summer camp for pre-and mid IBDP students interested in exploring and making art in an exciting context, and in developing their potential as artists.

Under the supervision of well-known artists students will be using a range of materials, techniques and art equipment, students will begin to explore the fundamental ideas of cultural connections, contextualization of art and the role of planning and investigation in art-making practices which is the foundation of IB Art.

Our IB summer courses help students to avoid a 'summer block' by using their time effectively. With highly experienced IB teachers, we consolidate a student's year one learning, close knowledge gaps, and introduce students to the use of new media and materials.
10 days

Day 1
Media Experimentation & Mixed Media
Day 2
Development of process portfolios
Day 3
Gallery visit / trip
Day 4
Day 5
Day 6
Day 7
Coloring & Painting
Day 8
Culture & society
Photography / trip
Day 9
Comparative study / trip
Day 10
Final Project
Course programme

Full working days of studio time where students will develop their Visual Journals and experiment with a range of art making activities including drawing, painting, ceramics, photography, printmaking, mixed media and assemblage sculpture.

Artists – students visit a variety of local artists to learn about different approaches to art making through direct engagement with visiting artists and master classes in different techniques.

IB prep – Development of process portfolios, learn skills for the Comparative Study, and experience curating and presenting their work.

Field trips and gallery visits that are connected to the workshops and addressed line of study and will assist in developing their potential studio pieces.