Drawing & Painting
At CAC Amman we provide the best academic drawing instruction services in town, we emphasize on building on participants skill, creaivity and individuality.
  1. Pencil Drawing
    Pencil Drawing
    our pencil drawing course consists of several levels starting from beginners to advanced. we focus on the following: still life drawing shapes and relationships comparison shading & cross hatching proportions 2D & 3D drawing
  2. Water Colors
    Water Colors
    wet on wet wet on dry mixed media techniques
  3. Oil Colors
    Oil Colors
    color theory the palette still life coloring landscape coloring
  4. Charcoal and soft pastels
    Charcoal and soft pastels
  5. #CACAMMAN #artclass #pottery
    life figure drawing
    Participants develop skills copying from life models
It is Never too late
CAC Amman has a group of well known and talented artists that use the space for their creative production and to learn new things through dedicated workshops and art classes